Medical Discount Program

To reduce the impact of higher electricity costs resulting from operating critical health maintenance equipment, AMP offers a 10% medical discount (not including state or local taxes).


  • Service address must be the applicant’s year round primary residence.
  • Applicant must be dependent upon a life-support device or a paraplegic, hemiplegic, or be quadriplegic, a multiple sclerosis patient or a scleroderma patient requiring additional space heating or air conditioning.
  • Other medical conditions may be eligible and will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Customers participating in the energy assistance program (EAP) are not eligible for the medical discount.
  • A completed medical application must be submitted with a dated letter from the applicant’s doctor (on the doctor’s letterhead) stating the patient’s name, disability and need for special life-support or health maintenance equipment.
  • The application form is available online, or by calling 510-748-3900.