Residential Rate Tiers

Alameda Municipal Power's (AMP) residential rate plan has three pricing levels, known as tiers. They are based on how much electricity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), you use. When your usage has exceeded a tier, you move to the next tier and pricing level.

D-1 Monthly Charges

Effective July 1, 2022.

TierDistributionPublic PurposeGenerationTotal
Tier I: Baseline quantities, per kWh$0.02447$0.00545$0.08734$0.11726
Tier II: 130% baseline quantities, per kWh$0.07497$0.00545$0.10809$0.18851
Tier III: Excess baseline quantities, per kWh$0.11218$0.00545$0.16832$0.28595
Customer Charge$18.17n/an/a$18.17

D-1 Summer & Winter Tier Usage & Rates

Primary Heat Source
Billing Code
Tier I kWh
$ 0.11726/kWh
Tier 2 kWh
$ 0.18851/kWh
Tier 3 kWh
$ 0.28595/kWh
Natural Gas/OtherSummerB1 to 259260 to 336337 and above
Natural Gas/OtherWinterB1 to 310311 to 404405 and above
Permanently Installed Electric HeatSummerH1 to 317318 to 412413 and above
Permanently Installed Electric HeatWinterH1 to 581582 to 756757 and above

Example: Summer Billing minus Primary Heating: Gas minus Total usage = 420 kWh

Of the 420 kWhs, 259 kWh will be charged the Tier I rate ($0.11726/kWh) and the next 76 kWh will be charged the Tier II rate ($0.18851/kWh), and the remaining 85 kWh will be charged the Tier III rate ($0.28595/kWh)