When do you use the most electricity?

Most people use more electricity in the winter when the days are shorter, the sky is more cloud-covered, and the heat is on (even gas furnaces use electricity if they have a fan). Electricity usage also tends to go up at night. On the other hand, Solar panels generate electricity during the day when the sun is shining.

The more you can match your electricity use to the time you are generating electricity, the better deal you get:

  • If the timing is out of synch, you will be selling your electricity back to Alameda Municipal Power during the day and throughout the summer, and buying it back at night and in the winter.
  • You can always invest in a battery storage system to help line up the timing better, but this technology is still young and costly. Work with a solar provider to do the math to figure out if Solar makes sense for the way you live and use energy.

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2. When do you use the most electricity?
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