How much is your energy bill?

Are you paying an average of $120 or more for your electricity each month? Knowing how much you pay for electricity is the first step in deciding whether you are a good candidate for Solar PV. The more you currently spend on electricity, the faster the payback will be on a Solar PV system. You can decide to get a PV system that matches some or all of your load.

You might be thinking of increasing your electric load, which will make you a better candidate for Solar. Are you thinking of adding one or more Electric Vehicle? Are you considering changing gas appliances, such as dryers, stoves or ovens, with electric ones?

This increase in your electric load can put you in a higher bill bracket, making Solar a more attractive alternative.

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1. How much is your energy bill?
2. When do you use the most electricity?
3. Does your budget allow for a big ticket item like solar photovoltaic that may have a long payback?
4. Is your roof suitable for solar panels?
5. Do you have other reasons to install Solar that are less tied to economics?