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September 29, 2021

Choose Electric Appliances to Protect Alameda's Environment

This article appeared in the Alameda Sun on Sept. 29, 2021.

By Nicolas Procos
General Manager
Alameda Municipal Power

As we approach Public Power Week (Oct. 3-9), a national celebration of the benefits of community-owned utilities, I want to share with you how AMP is helping Alameda move toward clean, all-electric appliances. AMP reached 100% clean energy in 2020, placing Alameda in a select group of cities leading the nation in the transition to green power. AMP also provides rebates to take advantage of this carbon-free power.

An electric panel upgrade can help a home switch to all electric appliances that use AMP’s 100% clean energy. AMP customers can apply for rebates up to $2,500 on electric panel upgrades. There are also rebates up to $1,500 for residential heat pump water heaters and up to $100 for electric clothes dryers. AMP will also launch additional rebates encouraging all-electric appliances in the coming year.

AMP offers many ways to help residents drive green. Residents can apply for rebates of up to $800 for level-2 electric vehicle chargers. Alamedans can also apply for cash rebates of up to $1,500 when they purchase used, all-electric vehicles at a price below $22,000. To further encourage electric car use in Alameda, AMP recently launched a time-of-use rate plan for electric vehicle owners. Customers who are eligible for the rate plan may benefit from lower pricing and have more control over their electric bills.

Island businesses can also save money as they move toward cleaner appliances and vehicles. AMP offers commercial food service rebates for purchases of electric, energy-saving appliances. In addition, AMP’s commercial heat pump water heater rebate offers up to $4,000 for an 80- to 120-gallon heat pump water heater and up to $1,500 for a 50- to 80-gallon unit.

Businesses can qualify for up to $33,000 in rebates when they purchase and install a maximum of six level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. AMP also provides rebates up to $2,000 for commercial electric forklifts. Businesses can apply for rebates for a maximum of three forklifts, for a total rebate of $6,000.

I have seen firsthand this community’s passionate commitment to reducing the harmful effects of climate change. The city of Alameda has demonstrated impressive leadership by requiring that all new buildings in Alameda use electric appliances.

I am confident that island residents and businesses will take the important next steps by making the switch from gas to electric appliances. In my role as general manager of AMP, I will ensure that AMP will continue to help the community make these changes for the benefit of our shared environment.

About AMP 
Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is a department of the city of Alameda that has served residents and businesses for 134 years. AMP provides 100% clean energy to more than 34,000 customers at rates that average 26% below neighboring communities.