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October 29, 2019

AMP Statement on Public Safety Power Shutoff
ALAMEDA, CA – AMP does not expect the current public safety power shutoff, issued for the East Bay and other parts of Northern California, to impact the city of Alameda.

AMP is continuing to monitor the situation closely, but does not expect any impact to the city at this time.

Be Prepared

While we do not expect impacts to the city at this time, be prepared for a shutoff or an extreme weather event.

Food and water

  • Be sure to have a 3-day supply of both, and don’t forget about your pets.
Medication, first aid, and important documents
  • Include a first-aid kit, medicines, warm clothes, and copies of your important information in an emergency kit.
Flashlights, radios, and phones
  • When possible, have spare batteries for these devices.
Household appliances and devices
  • Be sure you know how to open your garage with no power, and freeze a block of ice to keep things cold for longer in your refrigerator.