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Public Utilities Board Takes Action to Change Utility Name

ALAMEDA, Calif., January 28, 2009 – At its meeting Monday, January 26, Alameda's PublicUtilities Board voted to change the name of the utility to ALAMEDA MUNICIPAL POWER (AMP).

The PUB took this action after considering names at the January 15th Annual Planning Workshop and
receiving significant input from Alameda residents through an online survey.

"We thank everyone who provided input, helping the Board make this important change at an exciting new time for our utility," said Board President Ann McCormick. "Alameda Municipal Power is a part of the community, and it is perfect that community residents played a role in this decision."

"It was important that the name change meet three criteria. It must be cost-effective, quickly implemented, and enduring," said General Manager Girish Balachandran. The utility will keep the current logo and color
scheme because it still serves to illustrate ownership by Alameda residents,the utility's core services of providing light and energy, and Alameda's exemplary clean power portfolio.

The implementation of the name change will happen immediately for some things, but otherwise be phased in slowly with other items to ensure a cost effective transition.

"We are proud of our 120 year history providing power and being a strong part of the Alameda community," commented McCormick. "Now we are happy to look to the future of our local utility, focusing on our core business of providing reliable, cost effective, green power for the next 120
years in Alameda."

The former name, Alameda Power & Telecom, dates back to 1999, when the utility initiated the provision of cable television and Internet services to the community. The telecommunications landscape has changed,however, and after careful consideration and deliberation, the Public UtilitiesBoard voted in November of last year to sell the telecommunications business line to another provider.