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November 1, 2013

Alameda Municipal Power Launches Innovative Home Energy Report Program

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) today announced the launch of an innovative home energy report pilot program designed to help customers understand and transform their home energy usage.

Working with Opower, an energy management software company, AMP created My Energy, a web portal that provides residential customers with energy usage information from the past 12 months coupled with personalized energy efficiency tips and insights, such as how their energy usage compares to other similarly sized homes in Alameda. Customers can create an action plan to manage their energy use online and track their progress as they implement energy-saving measures.

In addition to the web portal, AMP randomly selected 15,000 residential customers to receive printed reports. These easy-to-understand Home Energy Reports are being mailed this month separately from electric bills. Research has shown that customers who receive the extra encouragement through the printed report are more likely to reduce their energy usage. The effectiveness of the printed reports will be evaluated to determine if they should be mailed to all residential customers in the future.

“We’re committed to helping our customers make smart choices about their energy use,” said Sherri Hong, AMP’s Assistant General Manager for Customer Resources. “This program has been proven to deliver energy savings at utilities across the country, and we expect AMP’s program to provide considerable savings for our customers as well.”

Any reduction in energy use also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the city. In the first year, the My Energy program is expected to result in a combined energy savings equal to about 900 megawatt hours—the amount needed to power nearly 225 homes for a year.

More information about My Energy can be found at the Alameda Municipal Power website.