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April 19, 2016

Alameda's Public Utilities Board Sets July Electric Rate Changes

Starting July 1, changes to electricity rates will go into effect for residential and commercial customers in the City of Alameda. At its April 18 meeting, the Public Utilities Board approved a 5 percent overall rate increase to help replace aging infrastructure while maintain­ing reliable service for customers. The rate changes also address increased transmission and power supply costs.

While the rate increase approved by the Board averages 5 percent for all cus­tomers, the percentage of the increase will vary depending on the customer’s rate class. Electricity rates will continue to be 18.6 percent below PG&E’s rates on average. A typical residential customer with an average monthly bill of $54.25 can expect to see an increase of ap­proximately $5.10 to his or her monthly bill.

Rates for small business customers will increase by 4.2 percent, and those for mid-sized customers will go up 2.1 percent. Large customers’ rates will increase by 7.1 percent.

The rate increase helps AMP continue to move toward a structure that ensures fairness for all customers by aligning the rates for each customer class with the cost of providing service. As a community-owned and locally operated electric system, AMP does not make a profit on rates.

The revenue from electricity sales in Alameda goes toward operation of the system and then to improving com­munity services and quality of life for residents.

AMP offers a variety of programs and services for customers who are in­terested in understanding their energy use or who are having trouble paying their utility bills. For those interested in lowering their energy usage, AMP offers energy efficiency programs and rebates to help customers conserve power. Cus­tomers can also request a free energy audit to learn how to manage their energy usage.

Visit the Alameda Municipal Power website to find more information on AMP’s rates and how to manage energy usage.


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