Power Up for Learning

Help Support Technology Education in Alameda

Join the Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) and Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) to help Alameda Public School Students Power Up For Learning! When you support Power Up For Learning, you help prepare students for the future. Technology is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. It is invaluable for students to learn not just how to use technology, but how to create it.

Supporting technology education for Alameda students is easy! You can do it in the following ways:

  • AMP customers designate an amount to be added to their monthly power bill.
  • AMP collects these donations and provides them to AEF to support technology education for Alameda public school students.


Students who participate in robotics education programs learn vital 21st century skill sets, including:

  • Identifying relevant sources of information using a range of resources
  • Using language and communication skills
  • Understanding the scientific method of formulating hypotheses, testing, evaluation and rejecting/confirming hypotheses
  • Collaboration and teamwork

For as little as $1 per month you can ensure that the future is bright for Alameda students. Sign up today to support technology learning for Alameda public school students!

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