Community Sponsorship

About Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) Sponsorships

AMP’s commitment to service goes beyond supplying reliable electricity to its customers. Through thoughtful community sponsorships, AMP strives to enhance the quality of life of all who live in the City of Alameda.

What We Look For

To qualify for a sponsorship, the organization must be located within the city of Alameda. 

We look for community organizations that support programs and issues that align with AMP’s strategic goals and initiatives, which are:

  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Quality of Life

We invite sponsorship requests from community organizations that wish to conduct a campaign that will support the general public and/or business community of the City of Alameda. 

Requesting organizations must have a federal tax ID and include it in the application. 

What We Will Not Support

  • Donations of AMP electric service for which a fee is normally charged.
  • Grants
  • Individuals or individual endeavors
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin
  • Organizations whose services are not provided in AMP’s service territory
  • Political campaigns/parties including political or individual lobbying activities
  • Religious organizations

How to Apply

AMP always looks forward to providing community sponsorships. If you are interested in pursuing a community sponsorship, click on the link below to complete the online form and email to 


AMP Community Sponsorship Form