Alameda Green

Farewell, Alameda Green! Hello, clean energy for all!

Your commitment to renewable energy through your participation in Alameda Green has helped pave the way for clean energy for all Alameda customers and contributed to cleaner, greener communities in our region. As of January 1, 2020, Alameda Municipal Power reached its goal of providing 100% clean electricity to all customers. Thank you for your support in reaching this important milestone!

What does this mean for the Alameda Green program? The program will conclude at the end of May 2022. The transition will be seamless with no interruption to your electric service or billing. You will no longer be charged for Alameda Green and will no longer see the separate line item on your bill. The month in which this occurs, May or June, will depend on your billing cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will change in my billing?

Starting in May or June of 2022 (depending on your billing cycle) you will no longer see the Alameda Green power line item and charge on your electric bill.

What resources are powering the Alameda Municipal Power’s clean energy mix?

Alameda Municipal Power’s Supply is certified by the California Energy Commission and the current average mix of resources supplying AMP’s customers includes: Large Hydroelectric (26.9%) and Eligible Renewables (73.1%). [Source: Alameda Municipal Power 2020 Power Content Label.]

How can I continue to support renewable energy above and beyond the clean energy I receive from Alameda Municipal Power?

If you are interested in continuing to support renewable energy through purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) you can visit for a list of options.

What was Alameda Green’s collective impact from 2012-2021?

Alameda Green contributed to 106,547 megawatt-hours of renewable energy! That’s enough renewable energy to power more than 26,900 homes for a year*

* Based on the AMP average residential customer’s electricity use of 330 kWh per month [Source: Alameda Municipal Power Annual Sales Report, 2015]

2022 Alameda Green Power Content Label

2022 Alameda Green Power Content Label

Historical Alameda Green Power Content Label

2021 Alameda Green Power Content Label

AMP Power Content Label

Energy ResourcesStandardAlameda Green2020 California Power Mix***
Eligible Renewable173.1%73.1%33.1%
Biomass and Waste
Eligible hydroelectric
Large Hydroelectric26.9%26.9%12.2%
Natural Gas0%0%37.1%
Other0%0% 0.2%
Unspecified Sources of Power20%0%5.4%
Percentage of Retail Sales Covered by Retired Unbundled RECs30%100%

1.The eligible renewable percentage above does not reflect RPS compliance, which is determined using a different methodology.

2. Unspecified power is electricity that has been purchased through open market transactions and is not traceable to a specific generation source. 

3. Renewable energy credits (RECs) are tracking instruments issued for renewable generation. Unbundled renewable energy credits (RECs) represent renewable generation that was not delivered to serve retail sales. Unbundled RECs are not reflected in the power mix or GHG emissions intensities above.

For specific information about this electricity product, call Alameda Municipal Power at (510) 748-3900. For general information about the Power Content Label, visit the California Energy Commission website or contact the California Energy Commission at (844) 454-2906.