Installation Process

Installation of your interconnected solar PV system is a cooperative partnership resulting in a greener future for Alameda. It is a collaborative effort between you, your solar contractor, and the Alameda Municipal Power (AMP).

Your contractor will handle most of the steps necessary to install your solar or renewable energy system and connect it to AMP's electric grid. However, as a property owner, it is wise for you to play an active role. Understanding the key steps will help you set expectations and communicate more effectively with your contractor.

Key Steps

Steps TakenCustomer ParticipationContractor ParticipationAMP ParticipationCity Participation
Prepare Your Home for a Solar InstallationYesNoNoNo
Interconnection Application and Building PermitNoYesNoNo
Post-Installation Inspection - Solar OnlyNoYesYesYes
Post-Installation Inspection - Solar paired with battery storageNoYesYesYes
Final InterconnectionNoNoYesNo

Prepare Your Property for a Solar Installation

For all customers, completing energy-saving measures is highly suggested. It is essential to do everything you can to improve your current energy efficiency before installing your generation system. A few simple measures can save you money by reducing your overall energy consumption. You may be able to save thousands of dollars in upfront costs by reducing the size of the system you will need to install for your property. Understanding your energy usage also will also help to prepare you for an informed discussion with your contractor.

Application & Building Permit

Once you and your contractor have determined the best system for your needs, the contractor will prepare the necessary paperwork for AMP and the City of Alameda. Your contractor will complete the Eligible Renewable Generation Application (PDF).

Solar-System Installation

Your contractor will install your system on your property. Installation generally takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the unique conditions of your property or system.

Large Installations

AMP will conduct an additional review of installations greater than 25 kilowatts. Additional studies may also be necessary.

Post-Installation Inspections

Upon completion of any installation which includes battery storage, send an email request to the inspection office. Please include the permit number, address, and contact information in the email to schedule an AMP electrical inspection. If you are not able to send an email request, you may call 510-814-5676 for assistance.

Note: If installing new solar or expanding existing solar systems, an AMP inspection is not required prior to scheduling the final building permit inspection by the City of Alameda.

Final Interconnection

After passing all inspections, your solar system will be ready to go! An AMP engineer will perform the final interconnection on the same day as your final AMP inspection.