Installing Solar Power Overview

Interested in generating your own renewable electricity to meet some of your electricity demand? Explore this area of our website to learn more.

Making Energy-Saving Upgrades First Will Save You Money

If you are thinking about installing solar, make energy efficiency your first step:

  • By making energy-saving upgrades to your home ahead of time, you may be able to save enough energy to purchase a smaller system and lower your installation costs.
  • You also may be able to reduce the amount of energy you’d need to buy from Alameda Municipal Power (AMP).

Interconnecting to AMP’s Energy Grid

  • When you use solar power to generate your own electricity, the energy needs of your home or business will be served first, reducing the amount of energy you pull from the grid.
  • Any surplus energy you generate but do not use will be delivered back to the electric grid.
  • In the same way, any additional power you require - day or night - is automatically supplied by AMP.
  • Interconnection to the grid allows you to continue to receive the reliable service you are accustomed to as an AMP customer.

Installing a Battery Storage System

  • A battery storage system must be paired with a renewable energy system, like a solar power system, in order to qualify for interconnection to the electric grid.
  • The battery storage system must not send energy back to AMP’s distribution grid.
  • It must comply with all state standards for smart inverters.
  • If you are a PG&E natural gas customer, you may qualify for the PG&E Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), which includes incentives for energy storage. Please note: This is a PG&E program, not an AMP program. View more information about the program.
  • View the ERG application form (PDF) to learn more about the requirements to install a battery storage system.