Solar at AMP

Interested in generating your own clean and renewable electricity with solar to offset your electricity demand? Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) provides informational resources to residents and businesses interested in installing a solar system.

Is Solar Right For You?

As you are considering a solar installation, ask the following questions. Click on questions below to expand the section for more information.

By making energy efficiency upgrades to your home, you can potentially save thousands of dollars. 

Reducing your electrical energy usage reduces the size of the solar system that you will need to offset all of your usage which will reduce the cost of the system.

Solar Compensation and Billing

AMP customers who install solar systems are placed on the Eligible Renewable Generation (ERG) plan. Customers on the ERG plan will receive a bill credit for the excess energy that is delivered to AMP’s power grid. To learn more about the ERG plan, visit AMP’s Solar Compensation & Billing page.

Interconnection Process

The installation and interconnection of your solar PV system is a cooperative partnership resulting in a greener future for Alameda. It is a collaborative effort between you, your solar contractor, and AMP. Learn about the interconnection process in greater depth by visiting AMP’s interconnection process page.