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AMP 2013 Green Powerstar Awards

AMP has announced the winners of its 2013 Green Powerstar Awards, which showcases innovative approaches to energy savings and greener power use by residents and businesses in the City of Alameda. The awards will be given of at Alameda's Earth Day Festival on April 20, 2013.

Large Commercial Award - Abbott Diabetes Care

In the Large Commercial Category, the winner is Abbott Diabetes Care. Alameda-based Abbott Diabetes Care knows that “going green” means “saving green.” The company has demonstrated support for energy efficiency through partnerships with AMP going back to 2006, when Abbott Diabetes Care did their first lighting retrofit. Since then, Abbott Diabetes Care has completed other energy efficiency upgrades, including the installation of window film and a second lighting retrofit.
Abbott’s team stays on top of their building maintenance and operations to keep large heating and cooling units operating safely and efficiently. Abbott also cares for our planet through recycling efforts to reduce solid waste. AMP estimates that Abbott Diabetes Care’s energy efficiency measures are equivalent to removing over three cars off the road or maintaining 13 acres of forest.

Small Commercial Award - Monkey Bars

Located on Park Street, Monkey Bars is an eco-friendly store that offers feeding, clothing, and diapering solutions for babies and children. Business owner Heather Rider installed a new building façade that’s composed entirely of locally sourced, reclaimed wood, recycled aluminum and environmentally friendly paints with low VOC (volatile organic compounds). But Rider didn’t stop there. She also installed LED lighting inside and out, which resulted in the store’s electric bill dropping from $100+ per month to just $30.

The store is committed to educating its customers about green initiatives and promotes an anti-landfill philosophy through its participation in disposable/flushable diaper practices and systems. Monkey Bars was also the first Alameda County Green Business on Park Street and one of the earliest subscribers to Alameda Green, AMP’s voluntary renewable energy program.

View a video on how Monkey Bars became a Green Powerstar...

Residential Award - Ben and Estie Kus

The residential award goes to Ben and Estie Kus for the innovative updates they made to their home and lifestyle emphasizing green technologies that were both practical and cost-effective.

The Kuses installed and/or purchased a combination of new technologies (including LED lights inside, solar-powered LED walkway lights outside, and programmable thermostats), implemented standard energy-savings best practices (including Energy Star appliances and a free energy audit provided by AMP), and started utilizing alternative energy sources (including solar panels and participation in AMP’s Alameda Green program).

Recognizing the impact transportation has on the environment, the Kuses also switched to an electric car that can go 300 miles on a single charge. The Kuses are committed to being green and are encouraging their friends, family and neighbors to engage in environmentally sustainable practices.



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