Understanding Your Residential Electric Bill

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(1) Key Account Information:

Billing date is when your bill is generated.

Account number is the main identifier for the electric service provided at your address.

Service address is the physical location where electric service is delivered to your home.

(2) Billing Summary:

At a glance summary of current and previous charges, payments, adjustments and total amount due. It also shows the due date for current charges only. More detailed information is found on the back of the bill.

(3) Important News:

Contains general information about your bill, different AMP Programs and any special announcements.

(4) Payment Coupon:

Return this form with your payment.

(5) Meter Number:

A meter number is assigned to measure your electric usage.

(6) Rate Code:

Your rate code is determined by your primary heat source (electric or gas).

(7) Route:

Route is the order of when your meter is read once a month.

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(1) Account Details:

Your monthly kwh usage is calculated by subtracting the previous meter reading from the present meter reading.

(2) Customer Charge:

Billed to recoup administrative costs associated with providing service such as the reading of the meter, printing and mailing fees, and administrative expenses.

(3) Energy Charge:

Applied based on a tiered system. Each tier has a corresponding kwh allowance based on your rate code. Tier 1 has the lowest charge and Tier 3 has the highest charge.

(4) Solar Program Charge:

State mandated charge funds solar program rebates.

(5) Taxes and Fees:

The 7.5% E Utility Tax is collected on behalf of the City of Alameda. The State Energy Surcharge funds the California Energy Commission.

(6) Usage History:

Provides the current and past 12 months kwh usage. Daily average is calculated by dividing the total usage by the number of billing days.

(7) Total Bill:

Total of customer and energy charges, plus taxes and fees.

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