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Recent History of Undergrounding in Alameda

January 26, 2015 PUB Meeting 

AMP presented an update on the redesigned Undergrounding Policy. Click here for the materials.

December 8, 2014 PUB Meeting 

AMP proposed a redesigned Undergrounding Policy at the December 8 PUB Meeting.

Ancient History of Undergrounding in Alameda


The City of Alameda established Ordinance No. 2212, creating regulations and procedures for removing overhead facilities and installing underground facilities by means of underground utility districts.


The City Council adopted Resolution 10774, establishing the first utility underground district (UUD). AMP was di-rected to allocate 2 percent of revenues each year for its underground fund.
1986—The Public Utilities Board approved criteria for identifying and scheduling underground projects.

February 1989

The Public Utilities Board approved a resolution to establish Underground Districts #10-20, which required qualified projects to meet at least one of the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) criteria.

  • All costs associated the undergrounding of individual, private electric services from the property line to the building in UUD 1 were paid for by the individual property owner. This was a common utility practice.
  • In UUD 2-9, AMP paid for all owner-occupied residential service conversion costs in excess of $1,500.

March 1989

In concern for fixed-income residents, the City Council established a maximum limit on homeowner expense for electric service conversion. Each homeowner would pay the first $1,000, adjusted annually by the Consumer Price In-dex.

May 1989

The Public Utilities Board approved guidelines for service conversion and the excess residential cost responsibil-ity was assumed by AMP.

The Public Utilities Board simplified the funding calculation and specified that unspent funds should be carried over each year for ongoing and future underground conversion projects.


AMP assumed the lead utility role, providing design, contract administration and coordination with the other utilities (cable, phone) for Underground Districts #1-20.

March 1995

The City Council held a public hearing to discuss the feasibility of the proposed Underground Districts #21-35. Feedback from the public caused the list to be revised to consist of Underground Districts #21-28.

December 1995

The City Council held another public hearing to address concerns and questions pertaining to selection of underground districts, payment options, provision for hardship cases, information on projects and communication with staff. At that meeting, Resolution 12726 was adopted to establish Underground Districts #21-28

August 2004

The Public Works Department held a community meeting to elicit public comment on 32 proposed UUD locations.

November 2004

The Public Works Department submitted copies of maps depicting the boundaries of each district pro-posed in Phase 6. City Council approved UUD Phase 6 under Resolution No. 13796.

July 2010

AMP hosted a Town Hall Meeting to discuss UUD #31. During the meeting, property owners (both commercial and residential) expressed concerns about the project and the costs they would incur.
November 2011—AMP proposed a redesign of the UUD process during a presentation to City Council.

May 2012

AMP, in a report to the Public Utilities Board, recommended further work on UUD 31 be stopped and sought au-thorization for a comprehensive redesign of the UUD process.

July 2012

City Council approved stopping work on UUD 31 and allowing redesign of the process.

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