Solar Power


AMP offers $4,200,000 in rebates and net metering for residential and commercial solar customers, as required by California’s Senate Bill 1 (SB1).

As of October 2014, AMP customers have installed 200 solar PV net energy metering projects with SB1 rebates for a total of 1.9 megawatts (MW). Adding the 33 customers (0.16 MW) that have constructed their projects without rebates, AMP has nearly met its 2.17 MW SB1 rebate requirement and is proud to be one of the leading utilities in progress made towards meeting the SB1 mandate.

Solar at the AMP Service Center

In 1998, AMP installed a 4-kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of AMP’s facility. Additionally, AMP is evaluating the possibility of community solar in Alameda, as well as considering participating in larger-scale solar projects in Alameda and elsewhere in California.

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