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The Benefits of Advanced Meters

Faster outage detection and restoration

When the power goes out now, AMP must rely on phone calls from customers who have lost power to let us know. With advanced metering, the affected meters will send an electronic signal to our system operations center, alerting us they have lost power. This will help us pinpoint the location of the problem and restore power quickly.

Timely access to your electricity information

The new meters are capable of providing energy-use data every 15 minutes. That means you’ll be able to view your daily use online, so you can better understand your usage habits.

More accurate billing

Manual reading of meters can lead to mistakes and estimations. This causes inconvenience to our customers and drives up operating costs by having to correct the bills. Advanced metering eliminates several manual processes and helps ensure that meters get read and billed correctly every time.

Boosts customer convenience

New meters eliminate the need for meter readers to access your property every month, which creates savings for AMP and means you don’t need to worry about someone accessing your property or making appointments with the meter reader.

Increased environmental benefits

Remote meter reading reduces the number of vehicles and trucks AMP has on the roads, which in turn helps reduce carbon emissions.

Greater efficiency at AMP

As part of a smarter electric grid, the new meters will allow AMP to better monitor the power delivery system, making it easier to balance the energy load and reducing the need to buy as much expensive power on the wholesale market to meet demand.

Charge your electrric vehicle for less

Advanced meters will enable AMP to offer potential new variable pricing options, which means you can charge your vehicle at the lowest-cost time.

Solar advantage

Advanced meters will allow you to see how much electricity you push to the grid and receive from the grid in 15-minute increments.
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