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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is a measurement of how much greenhouse gas an entity generates over a period of time.

Lower carbon footprints mean lower levels of greenhouse gas are emitted to the environment, which means a lower contribution to global warming.

For individuals and households, your carbon footprint is a measurement of how much greenhouse gas you create through your day-to-day activities.

The main categories of greenhouse gas contributers are:

• Energy

• Transportation

• Products

• Food

Get Your Life and Home in Shape

Lowering your carbon footprint is a lot like training for a sporting event. Think of it as more like a marathon than a sprint.


Start with measuring your baseline, and calculate your carbon footprint. Below are three websites that will help you calculate you and and your entire household.

cf calc nature conservancycf calc conservation intlcf calc cool climate

Make a Plan with AMP's Home Energy Efficiency Fitness Program

More Carbon Footprint Reducing Ideas

Other areas for getting in  shape.


Reduce Your Natural Gas Use - PG&E Programs 


Eat local! - Alameda Farmer’s Market

Drive Less! - Transportation

AC Transit


Bike Alameda

East Bay Bike Coalition

Waste and Recycling

Cut down on materials going to the landfill! - Alameda County Industries

Recycling - Stopwaste.org

Composting - Stopwaste.org

Stopwaste Multifamily Recycling - Stopwaste.org


Especially in these Days of Drought, be smart about how you use water.

EBMUD's Water Smart Center has lots of ideas.


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