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Commitment to Reducing GHG Emissions

AMP never stops looking for new ways to further reduce GHG emissions related to electricity use. The Public Utilities Board has assigned dedicated revenue streams—from the utility's participation in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards and Cap and Trade programs—to projects that will reduce GHG emissions.

Creating Programs to Reduce GHG Emissions

AMP has identified several areas where it has the ability to create programs that will reduce GHG emissions. These include:

  1. Infrastructure improvements
  2. Innovative energy efficiency programs for customers
  3. Research and development into additional renewable generation,
  4. Programs to encourage "fuel switching", or the adoption of vehicles and appliances that run on AMP's clean electricity over those that run on fossil fuel
  5. Programs that educate the public and encourage customer innovation

Program Guidelines

AMP has developed a framework by which projects will be vetted before they receive funding. The approval process consists of Proposal, Evaluation, Approval, and Implementation. In order to get to the evaluation stage, proposed projects should show that they will clearly and directly reduce GHG emissions through utility actions.

Types of projects include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure improvements;
  • Innovative energy efficiency programs
  • Policies to encourage fuel switching
  • Research and development into additional renewable generation
  • Public Education

During the approval stage, priority will be given to projects that reduce GHG emissions by the highest amount per dollar cost of project, with consideration also given to a variety of other factors. The REC Expenditures Plan and Cap and Trade program explain the approval process in detail.

Download the REC Expenditures Plan

Downlioad the Cap and Trade Program

Current Projects

As of May 2014, the Public Utilities Board had approved the following projects for implementation in fiscal year 2015 as part of its GHG reductions program:

  • Conversion of Alameda’s cobra head and shoebox streetlights to LEDs
  • Residential LED light bulb promotion 
  • Lighting rebate program for commercial customers 
  • Home energy reports for residential customers


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