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Solar - Compensation and Billing 

Beginning August 1, 2017, all AMP customers who install solar systems are placed on the Eligible Renewable Generation (ERG) plan.

Understanding the ERG Plan

ERG, a special rate plan for new renewable generation customers, went into effect on December 31, 2016.

The ERG plan does not affect customers in the net energy metering (NEM) plan. All customers on the NEM plan stay in the plan for 20 years from their interconnect date. For detailed information, please refer to the NEM Rider.

How the ERG Plan Works

  • Customers will be paid monthly with a bill credit for the excess energy they deliver to AMP’s power grid.

  • The bill credit will amount to the cost of the renewable energy that AMP won’t need to buy, as a result of using the customer’s solar energy.

  • You’ll be billed monthly for the energy AMP delivers to you.

  • Currently AMP provides compensation for the remaining credits that were not used at the rate of .06447 cents per kWh. (for details, see Rider ERG Eligible Renewable Generation)

  • You will not need to get a separate Energy Generation (EG) meter.

Interconnection Fee

The plan includes a non-refundable interconnect fee to connect your new system to AMP’s grid. The fee is $330 for residential customers.

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