Stepping Into Solar Power - An Overview

Interested in generating your own renewable electricity to meet some of your electricity demand? Many customers are choosing to invest in small scale, renewable generation systems like solar PV panels. Renewable self-generation is good for the environment, and it can help save money on electric bills too.

AMP is here to make your system of the greatest value to you. AMP allows you to interconnect your system directly to the grid, ensuring that you have the reliable energy supply you are accustomed to as an AMP customer with the added benefits of renewable self-generation.

Explore this area of our website to learn more and get started installing renewable distributed generation on your home or business.

AMP Solar Rebate Programs Fully Subscribed

AMP Solar Rebate Programs for both Residential and Commercial customers are now fully subscribed. 

How to Get Started with Your Solar Installation 

Knowledge is power. Before deciding to install a generation system on your property, you should know what to expect. This page helps you explore frequently asked questions, cost and financing, and how to find the right contractor. For more...

Installation Steps

When you are ready to install a generation system this page will give you step-by-step instructions on completing the installation process. For more...

Understand Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Your Bill

Renewable generation is variable. As a result, your system will generate more than enough power for your property at some times, and less at others. Net Energy Metering allows you to build up credits when you over-generate to offset the grid energy you use when you under-generate. This page explains your billing and compensation once you have an active generation system. For more...

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