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NEM Plan Compensation and Billing 

If you're an AMP customer on the Net Energy Metering (NEM) plan, the following is how your compensation and billing work.

Understanding the NEM Plan

NEM is a special rate plan for interconnected solar and renewable generation customers.

By law, NEM is available to all new renewable self-generation customers until the total installed capacity is equal to a capacity value of 5% of aggregate customer demand. Alameda Municipal Power reached its cap for the net energy metering (NEM) compensation plan on May 31, 2017.

If you are able to interconnect your rooftop solar system into AMP’s distribution system by Monday, July 31, 2017, you will be credited under the NEM plan. If you interconnect after July 31, you will be placed on AMP’s Eligible Renewable Generation (ERG) plan.

Existing NEM customers stay in the plan for 20 years from their interconnect date. For detailed information, please refer to the NEM Rider.

How the Plan Works

  • Under NEM, AMP keeps track of all electricity flowing in and out of the property with a special meter.

  • When you generate more electricity than you use in a month, you get a credit at full retail rate value for the excess energy you export to the grid.

  • This credit can be used to offset energy drawn from the grid during months when you use more than you generate.

  • Every 12 months, AMP zeroes out any remaining credits that were not used during the year.

  • AMP provides compensation for the remaining credits that were not used at a rate equal to the average of AMP's purchases of renewable generation, currently 5.3 cents per kWh.

Annual True-Up Statement 

You will receive a true-up statement every 12 months, roughly on the anniversary of when you installed your system.

  • Depending on your usage and generation over the year, your true-up statement will be either be in the form of a check for the balance AMP owes you, or a bill for the balance you owe AMP.

  • Generally, if your system generated more electricity than your home used over the year, you will receive a check. If your home used more electricity than your system generated over a year, you will receive a bill.

  • To complete the true-up, AMP balances your monthly energy charges, monthly energy credits, and additional taxes and fees.
    • If you generated more energy than you used, your true-up will include: refund for the electricity charges you paid on a monthly basis; compensation for the net surplus energy you generated; and charges for remaining taxes and fees.
    • If you used more energy than you generated, your true-up will include: any remaining electricity charges; and charges for remaining taxes and fees.


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