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In 2011 California adopted a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that required electric utilities to purchase a growing percentage of their electricity from qualified renewable resources by 2020. Because the city's renewable portfolio already exceeded the RPS by 45 percent—the city began transitioning to greener energy in the 1980s—Alameda was able to sell some of its excess renewable energy to other organizations struggling to achieve compliance.

The resulting revenue of $25 million was restricted to fund projects that further reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, in close alignment with the city's local climate plan.

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  • Two long-term renewable energy contracts that begin in 2017 and 2019, respectively

  • Community solar facility (in development)
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  • Creation of an online energy-efficiency rebate portal for residents

  • Direct-install energy-efficiency programs for commercial and municipal customers and schools

  • Direct-install energy-efficiency programs for multi-family and low-income customers (in development)

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  • Mailing of two 10-Watt, 800 lumen Energy Star-labeled LED light bulbs to 30,000 households, including renters

    Limited-time mail-in LED rebate program that cut the cost of an LED bulb in half or even to zero

  • Two in-store special rebate programs for LEDs

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  • Conversion of 60 percent of the city's high-pressure sodium street lights to LED

  • Advanced metering infrastructure components, the groundwork for future smart cities projects

  • Alameda is currently installing the basic infrastructure that will enable the city to evolve into a “smart city” that uses technology to create a more livable, workable and sustainable community. 

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  • Green Your Dream Home Series (3 Forums)

  • Two public lighting workshops

  • Home-heating workshop 

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