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How to Control Your Energy Costs

AMP offers a variety of programs to help you control your energy usage and manage your monthly bill. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Participate in AMP’s energy saving programs:

Monitor your usage with tools from AMP:

Manage Your Bill Through Payment Options

AMP offers a number of convenient Payment Options such as Easy Pay, eBilling and Online Bill Payment.

Balanced Payment Program

  • You can also take advantage of AMP’s Balanced Payment Program, a program that takes the seasonal ups and downs out of energy bill payment by allowing customers to pay the same amount monthly.

Financial Assistance

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AMP Commercial Lighting Retrofit

“Through this program, I got a great education on how to be more green, while saving money and helping the environment,“ said School Foodies' Dennis King. Find out more...

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AMP Commercial Lighting Retrofit

“We have better lighp.nting. People are working better. And, it saves energy,” said Alameda Auto Labs'  owners Luis Gomez and Robert Ramos. Find out more...

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Alameda Green

Park Street Business Association says, "We love that so many of our businesses are helping Alameda to go green. Find out more...

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