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AMP 2011 Green Powerstar Awards

Alameda Municipal Power gave out its first Green Powerstar Awards at Alameda's Earth Day in April 2011.

Large Commercial Award - Semifreddi's

Congratulations to our large commercial craft baker Semifreddis for its green baking initiatives.  The company's Alameda headquarters is a model of lighting design, drawing on both natural light, as well as high-efficiency, computer-controlled fluorescent lighting.  Semifreddi's has taken a comprehensive approach to both energy and resource savings throughout its operations.

Small Commercial Award - Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc.

The Small Commercial category winner was Nano Scale Surface Systems, Inc., cited for its use of advanced-technology pumping equipment, installation of fluorescent lighting, smart power switching, and its solar installation.  Nano Scale Surface Systems now draws a tenth of the electricity typical for this type of account.

School Award - Alameda Unified School District

The exemplary efforts of Alameda Unified School District Maintenance Operations & Facilities Coordinator Kristie Ojigho and District HVAC Technician Pete Cervantes were recognized as AMP's Green Powerstar in the Schools category.  Under the administration of Superintendent of Schools Kirsten Vital, the District implemented their recommendations on monitoring and controlling space-conditioning equipment and costs, resulting in a safer environment and conditions much more conducive to learning and teaching.

Home Award - The Larsen Family

The residential Home award was taken by Bob, Heidi, and Chris Larsen for solar and efficiency improvements to their South Shore residence.  Not only did the Larsens invest in a state-of-the-art clean energy system, they've ensured that the kilowatt-hours they generate are used in the most-efficient way possible through the installation of compact fluorescent lamps throughout their home, smart power strips for all electronic equipment, and additional home-weatherization measures.

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